The services are carried out over a cumulative duration representing the totality of the time allocated to transcription: the transcription of ancient texts involves constant and great concentration requiring moments of essential visual relaxation...

The knowledge acquired through diligent practice in paleography, through daily exercises, provides me with easy reading; the transcription being optimized by the use of two screens (image and typing of the text).

Of course, like all paleographers, even the most experienced, I sometimes encounter difficulties on finding place names that are unknown to me or words that have long disappeared from the vocabulary of ancient French and its many regional variants with their particularities : measures, uses and customs, civil rights, etc.

The aim is to have the most perfect transcription possible, even if the writing style is complex, contracted, cursive, and abbreviated, with faded ink, folds in the document, small gaps, annotations , highlights, crossed out words or sentences, etc.

It is for those reasons that I request the sending of very good quality photographs without any resolution or reduction in image sizes.


The delivery time is specified in the transcription quote.

You will receive the entire transcription by email in a “Word” file as an attachment as well as a statement of the time allocated to this service and a corresponding fee note.


Subsequently and if you wish to ask me for other texts to transcribe; these will be billed to you at a rate of 30 euros including tax per hour without any other form of quote.


Payment by check or bank transfer or even by the Paypal system, always made once the transcription has been sent by email upon receipt. Also, please provide me with your identity information : First name, Surname, telephone number and address.

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… To do this, nothing simpler ...

Just send me by email to :

a request for a free quote for transcriptions of old acts
and attach
a high-quality, readable digital photograph
of each of the old documents that you wish to have transcribed.

Once your quote request has been received, I will respond to you as soon as possible, by sending you by email a transcription quote based on the photographs you have sent me.


- A few technical notes on my transcriptions -

Word abbreviations found in ancient texts are always “disabbreviated”.

Example : the word contracted or abbreviated "Sgr" will be transcribed directly as "Seigneur (Lord)" and not by a complicated typing like "S[ei]g[neu]r" ; as for contracted first names such as "Guille" = "Guill[aum]e" which I transcribe by "Guillaume". On the other hand "Guilhem", Gascon form of Guillaume, will be preserved in its original writing. Certain first names like Jehan, the old form of Jean, are preserved in their ancient writings, etc.

In ancient texts, family names are never written in capital letters. However, if you wish, I can transcribe them in small capitals. This choice of transcribing family names in small capital letters can make it easier to distinguish them in the transcribed text while remaining discreet. Example : Menard for Menard. I always transcribe family names and place names respecting the original spelling : Mesnard will not be written Menard.

When transcribing and proofreading, I provide the additional contribution of almost non-existent punctuation, which is often essential and necessary to clearly understand the different paragraphs and have a better understanding of the overall or purpose of the document.

Of course, in case of any difficulty, whatsoever, in understanding certain old formulations and their contexts, I will remain at your entire disposal for any clarifications necessary and essential for your own understanding, particularly for certain old terms or words which are no longer used, sometimes, for a very long time.

The transcriptions that I carry out are accompanied, when necessary, with the usual comments on the good understanding of the texts.

I also carry out, upon request, transcriptions of various ancient texts in French dialects (Gascon, Occitan), Spanish and Latin.

Note: it is not necessary for you to send me photos taken or copied from the archives digitized and put online by the various National, Departmental, Overseas or Municipal Archives services, etc. ; publicly visible : just tell me the view number, or any information that will allow me to easily find the document you want to transcribe.

If you wish, you can also send me any transcription that you may have started to produce, or any useful information, texts, annotations, etc.

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