Transcription of ancient texts

In 1981, I began research on my family, formerly THAUBYE, originally from Missillac in Brittany, which according to an old legend came from Ireland back in the 15th Century.

This beginning of research transformed into a passion gradually bringing me knowledge of ancient writings based on documents encountered in my own genealogy, then in ancient acts discovered and transcribed during numerous genealogy works undertaken as a professional genealogist-paleographer, in the years 1995-2000.

The profession of paleographer cannot be improvised and can only be done by experienced people with a great knowledge of ancient writings. It took me many years of practice and the reading of thousands of documents before I could claim to practice this profession.

This is the reason why all my experience is now available to you through this site specially created for my job as a paleographer.

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photo 1984



Traduction / Transcription/ Expertise actes et manuscrits anciens Traducción / Transcripción / Conocimiento de documentos y manuscritos antiguos

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